Venkatesh got notices from GHMC!

Venkatesh got Notices from GHMC

Victory Venkatesh got notices from GHMC regarding an apartment in Film Nagar road no. 1. Victory Venkatesh has a flat in that arena and it seems that GHMC has sent notices to stop the construction citing it as illegal construction.

GHMC further asked Venkatesh to respond to its notices within 10 days, else proper action will be taken on the issue. It seems that GHMC may demolish the construction if Venkatesh fails to respond to the notices. As per the information, the construction works are still on progress in spite of the notices from GHMC and hence this department took charge to give 10 days deadline to speak on this issue.

Looks like, it is a tough situation for Victory Venkatesh. We have to see whether Venkatesh turns up for the notice or will ignore it. Stay tuned to know the further action of GHMC on Venkatesh’s flat.

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