Venkatapuram Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Movie Name Venkatapuram
Movie Cast Rahul and Mahima Makwana
Director Venu Madikanti
Music Director Achu
Production Company Good Cinema Group Banner
Release Date May 12, 2017

Venkatapuram is one interesting film that is releasing today. There is a lot of pre-release buzz on the film as the first look posters and the theatrical trailer has impressed us big time. There is an interesting and unique story in the film which came out well. Rahul who made his acting debut with the film Happy Days is making his comeback successfully in the movie. Rahul is hoping that he will register a good hit at the box office with the film Venkatapuram. Mahima is the new girl who is making her acting debut with the film. On a whole, there is some good buzz on the film and let us check out the review on the film.


Rahul and Mahima Makwana in Venkatapuram
Rahul and Mahima Makwana in Venkatapuram

Anand (Rahul) is an interesting guy who is very casual and happy going. He works for a US Pizza shop as a delivery guy. When life is going good, Chaitra (Mahima) enters his life. Initially, he hates her but as days pass by, he finally starts liking her. In the meantime, after a series of incidents, news comes out that Chaitra was murdered and Anand was involved in the case. SI Durga Prasad (Ajay Ghosh) starts investigating the case and Anand lands in a big trouble. What happened to Chaitra? Did Anand kill Chaitra? How did Anand come out of this mess? forms the story of the film Venkatapuram.

Cast and Performances:
The film has good performances from almost everyone. Rahul has undergone a massive makeover for the film and he shined in the youthful role brilliantly. The way he showed some variations is impressive. He should start changing his thought process while selecting the roles and should experiment more. Rahul impressed in the film as Anand and so is Mahima as Chaitra. She is cute and good looking. She did perform well. Ajay Ghosh is another interesting actor who has got a remarkable role. Ajay Ghosh from the beginning impresses with his dominating act. Ajay who comes in the second half is also very good in the role he is playing. Kasi Viswanath is good in the role he was offered. The casting is good and they made a good impression.

Writing Department:

Venkatapuram Stills
Venkatapuram Stills

Venu is the newcomer who handled the direction for the film. This is his first film. He has provided the story and screenplay for the film. The point he has chosen has a unique perspective and so the way it was executed also impresses the viewers. With a lot of engaging sequences, the writer and director Venu provided good entertainment in the film. The only thing that he should have worked on is the first half of the film.

Technical Department:
Technically, everyone has come out with their best work. Sai Prakash cinematography is one of the highlights of the film. The way DOP has maintained the mood of the film throughout deserves the appreciations. Madhu’s editing is nice. His cuts are sharp. Achu Rajamani’s music is another wonderful asset for the movie. Achu gave wonderful tunes for the film and also impressed with some good BGM. The action sequences are designed nicely. The production values are great.


Minus Points:
Slow First half
Few Dragged Scenes

Venkatapuram is a new age thriller that is going to be interesting in many ways. The storyline is impressive and the way a new director handled it is also good. Usually, for a story like this, the treatment is certainly going to be routine but instead of that, the director has planned it well and came out with unique treatment which won’t bring any kind of boredom to the audiences. The suspense element is a major highlight in the movie and it has turned out beautifully in the movie. The interval bang raises the curiosity in watching the second half of the film and the makers have not brought down the anxiety levels and maintained the same flow till the climax. Though the film has a young team working on it, it is really appreciable to see their collaboration in generating a wonderful output. Venkatapuram has some fun elements as well as thrilling elements. The concept of holding the thrill is certainly going to be the best for a film made on a medium budget. Worth watching once!

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