Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

What it’s about?

The film Venkatadri is about two families in Rayalaseema, one good and one evil and how the protagonist takes revenge on the evil men who wipe out his entire family.

The plot:

Venkatadri (Tarakaratna) is awaiting death sentence in jail for butchering seven people. His last wish is to hold a classical music concert and donate the amount thus raised to an orphanage.

The chief minister agrees to the request after the jailor convinces him about the good nature of Venkatadri. The CM’s daughter Mandeep Takkar is bowled over by his music performance and sends a mercy petition to the President signed by the children in the orphanage.

Venkatadri is granted clemency by the President. We learn that Venkatadri is a soft person by nature but circumstances force him to turn into a murderer – to avenge for the evil acts of Ranaga Raju and his sons against Venkadadri’ family.
Ranaga Raju sends some dreaded criminal to kill Venkatadri in jail but they are all killed by Venkatadri. He also manages to kill Ranaga Raju and his remaining sons in the climax.


The actors:

Tarakarathna looks good in his new toned up body. He is tall and sturdy. He fights well and also tries to shake his legs like other young heroes. But Tarakaratna’s dialogue delivery and his histrionics during sentiment scenes need improvement.

The new heroine Mandeep Takkar is unimpressive. The other two girls also do not come up with any impressive performance. Ranganath is seen in his familiar role once again. Ranga Raju is okay.


Best Scene:

There are no scenes in the film that are really bewitching or mind boggling. However, the big fight scene in the jail where Tarakaratna kills all the four hired assassins has been executed well and it brings in a roar of approval from the front benchers.


The bottom line:

Venkatadri is a routine faction drama set against a village backdrop. There is no novelty in either the story or the screenplay.

Venkatadri ends up as a huge disappointment, not only for Tarakaratna but also for all his fans.

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