Vellipomakey Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Movie Name Vellipomakey
Movie Cast Vishvaksen, Supraja, Swetha
Director Ali Mohammed
Music Director Prashanth R Vihari
Production Company Dil Raju
Release Date September 2, 2017

Vellipomakey is a new film which originally had a title as Ila Na Jathaga. The film was made by a bunch of young filmmakers and the output has come out well. The leading producer cum distributor Dil Raju happened to watch the movie and he immediately decided to support the young filmmakers by releasing the film. The film stars newcomers in the lead roles. Yakub Ali is the young director who made his directional debut with the movie. The film’s release date is 2nd September and check out the review here.


A still from Vellipomakey
A still from Vellipomakey

Chandu (Dinesh Naidu) is an employee of an animation company who is sincere at work. All his friends are engaged in relationships and he has this urge to get into a relationship very soon. In the process, he comes across a new employee in his company who is Shruthi (Supriya) and proposes her but she rejects his love. Later, he gets connected to Swetha (Nithya Shree Reddy) on Facebook and starts dating her. Her entry in his life changes a lot of things and he gets into trouble too. What happened after that and whom did he connect with in the end forms the rest of the story of the film.

Writing Department:

Vellipomakey Audio Function
Vellipomakey Audio Function

The writing has an honesty. The way the director wrote some scenes is really amazing. The dialogues are very good and realistic. The writing department did a great job in shaping up the movie well.


The film has limited casting and it is surely an advantage. The protagonist is named Chandu who is very innocent and a good boy next door. This role has been excellently performed by Dinesh Naidu. His performance is so natural and the way he carried his role is simply superb. The female lead actresses Shruthi (Supraja) and Swetha (Nithya Sree Reddy) delivered very good performances. Both of them look beautiful, simple and natural and made us believe that they exist in the real world. The connectivity factor with the actors worked out well. The guy who played Chandu’s friend is also brilliant in the movie.


Music & BGM
Camera Work


Slow Narration


Vellipomake is a such a true to heart story which you may come across in your life on any day and would enjoy it to the core. The team who made this must be appreciated for the honest attempt they made. The young director Yakub Ali will surely have a great career ahead in the industry. The movie is surely an honest attempt and needless to say about the music from Prashanth R Vihari will stand as a major highlight. The film surely leaves a different experience for all the viewers. The honesty in the story telling, the cute performances from the lead actors and an amazing background score will take us to a completely new world of love that comes in its original pure form. The film may not connect to everyone but it is one film that must be appreciated.

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