Veera movie Review!

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is
A film that takes us, US, one of the most compromising, undemanding and leisurely audience of the world for granted. I agree that we have been in this state for a long while already, but this is just outrageous.

Ravi Teja’s the hero, Brahmanandam is a comedian, two girls from up north are the female leads, we have songs from abroad, fights from film cities, screenplay filled with betrayals, flash backs and all else. Crudely speaking that is the plot or the plan with which a film like this is carried out.

If I were a producer to whom the writer/director had narrated the plot to, it would seem somewhat like this:

"Sir, there’s Ravi Teja who is his usual fun self, cracking jokes, slapping Brahmanandam and all. He goes to a police officer’s house as a protector who had been hired by the department itself. Why? Because the character played by Shyam (the police fellow) has some issue with the one played by Rahul Dev and Rahul Dev kills his son or something. The character names and why they kill each other’s kids we’ll decide upon later. We can get through the first half with Brahmanandam and Ravi Teja’s liquor episodes, Venu Madhav now and then and we’ll have someone like Taapsee who can be the hero’s love interest in the first half, just for the songs, she has nothing to do with the film".

"Then at the end of the first half we’ll reveal the link between Shyam’s wife (Sri Devi) and Ravi Teja and we begin the second half with Ravi Teja’s powerful flashback. His father is the head of a small town, big family, they are very good people who give out free clothes and all, we can kill the father when Ravi is, forgot to tell you, his name is VEERA. So coming back, we can kill Veera’s father for some reason, we’ll come up with it and Veera has a big story protecting the village and all. One other thing I forgot, the love interest of the flashback is Kajal. And some things happen and we have an end".

What’s good?
The making of this film is a tale of hope. If somebody who lives on this very planet we live on and actually wrote, convinced people and made a film such as this, that’s a tale of human hope. It is this blind hope in our primitive taste as an audience. Only primitive conviction or unadulterated stupidity can cause a film like this to happen.

Why the passage about hope?
The hero’s entrance (as we call it) had these frames where Ravi Teja had to talk to somebody he had just shot and he’s looking down. He had sun glasses on him and his lines were shot from two angles. And what can be seen in the hero’s eye wear :
Angle 1: The reflectors
Angle 2: The whole damn crew.
And the budget of this film is in crores to say the least.

For all of you who usually regard Ravi Teja’s films as a minimum guarantee, this is most definetly not one of them. Imagine a huge earth quake and you wouldn’t worry in particular about some fancy star hotel that had come down, so is the case with Ravi’s performance in this. He just couldn’t stop the quake.

And as for the female leads, they continue to be the highest paid porn stars I know of.

Say some guy sold you some fake tickets for a movie, how would you feel? Watching this film is no different.


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