Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

What’s it about!

Deva (Surya) completes post-graduation but works as courier to smuggler Das (Prabhu). The rival smuggler Kamalesh (Akash Deep) can’t digest the success of Das and Deva team. So he hatches several plans to grab clients from them but fails. On the other hand, Chitti (Jagan) joins Das team and the friendship between Deva and Chitti develops. Soon Deva falls in love with Chitti’s sister Yamuna. Rivalry between Kamalesh and Das-Deva leads to bloody clash. Rest of the movie is how Deva comes out from smuggling and helps government with his expertise in it.



The story of Veedokkade is as old as Himalayas but the premise (smuggling, pirated CDs business, et) and con acts are novel. Presentation by director K V Anand is engrossing in the first half. Post the interval, the movie lacks fizz and falters with its wafer thin storyline. It can be watched for its slick narration, realistic action episodes, great locales, and Surya’s performance. In a way the movie looks sold in parts, but lacks consistency and a basic thread to hold the audience’s interest till the end. That is the biggest drawback. It also lacks entertainment and the romance between Surya and Tamannah is not that impressive. The picturisation of songs and Yamakashi style of action episode are assets to the movie.



Surya has brought realistic approach to his acting style. His looks are great and he does extremely well in action stunts. Surya has tried to play to the galleries as well as class audiences with his varied performance. But his dubbed voice is mismatch. Tamannah is apt for the role of Yamuna and she has good chemistry with Surya. Senior actor Prabhu is perfect cast for the role of smuggler with principles. He has transformed into a fine actor now than he played the lead roles. Jagan who played the role of Chitti has done commendable job.

Technically, it is M.S.Prabhu’s cinematography catches the eye. Especially his work is very impressive in foreign locales and the picturisation of item number. Director K V Anand has tried to incorporate realistic approach to regular masala action episodes but he should have taken more care on script. Clash of two rival gangs is pretty plain. Haaris Jayaraj’s music is okay.



Veedokkade is regular masala potboiler with touch of sophistication and is realistic in its approach. The movie is okay but drags on in the second half. It can be watched for some good action episodes, slick presentation and Surya’s performance.





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