Veedevadu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Veedevadu
Movie Cast Sachiin J Joshi, Esha Gupta
Director Tatineni Satya
Music Director SS Thaman
Production Company Urvashi Sharma
Release Date September 15, 2017

There are two to three interesting films for release today of which Veedevadu is one film. Veedevadu is the title of the film in Telugu and Yaar Ivan is the title of the film in Tamil. The movie is an interesting Indian bilingual action drama film written and directed by Tatineni Satya. Shot in Telugu and Tamil, the film features Sachiin J. Joshi and Esha Gupta in the lead roles, with Prabhu also in a pivotal role. Featuring music composed by S. Thaman, the film is in the theatres from today. Let us check out the review of the film.


Sachin Joshi in Veedevadu
Sachin Joshi in Veedevadu

Sachiin Joshi (Satya) is a national level kabaddi player who is in love with Sruthi (Esha Guptha). Sruthi is the daughter of a big shot who is the very much respectable person in the society because of his richness. Finally, both Satya and Sruthi enter the wedlock. After marriage, on their first night, Satya murders Sruthi and dumps the dead body in the sea. Why did Satya kill Sruthi? Who is Catherine? What happens after that reveals the entire story of the film.


The performances in the film are decent. The lead actor Sachiin Joshi is good for his part and tried to be mysterious in the movie. The film has him playing a role having multiple shades and Sachiin delivered it perfectly well with this film. The film has Esha Guptha as the leading lady. She has got a good role where she is good in terms of the performance as well as the glamour. Senior actor Prabhu is also seen in a good role of the film. His performance will also be a highlight and impressive for the movie. All the other actors are good and made their presence felt.

Technical Values:

Veedevadu Poster
Veedevadu Poster

The writing department has been taken care by Tatineni Satya. The writer has done an awesome job in getting the things done. Though the film has some good scenes, they were not executed properly and some of the scenes are very bad too. The dialogues by Venu Mandepudi are good. Kannan’s screenplay has worked well too. Thaman is the music director of the film who has given some cool compositions but they failed to impress. The BGM is okay. Prawin Pudi’s cuts are decent. Viiking Media and Entertainment’s production values are rich. The technical team is nice.






The film is tipped to be an interesting crime thriller but the way it was executed is bad. The makers have felt that there can be too many interesting elements in the film but all of them spoilt the interest and the curiosity. It could have been nice if the duration was cut short to increase the thrilling element in the story of the film. The film has a predictable story but it was taken forward very well to keep the audiences engaged with the film. The makers have come up with interesting scenes in the second half which are the positive points. On a whole, the movie has some ups and downs and could have been much better than what it is.

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