Vedam Movie Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

Its About :

A film made by one of the most brainly film crews.And the first telugu film that made me clap after Anukokunda Oka Roju.



The film’s screenplay is a quite an experiment (talking in terms of telugu or indian films that is).Its five stories which cross each other paths now and then and end in one common climax.


And the film’s given each of these tales ample and well distributed screen time.


Cable Raju’s (allu arjun) segment is perhaps the most gripping and entertaining.But its not like stardom had shadowed the quality of the writing.All the 5 parts were penned down with the same sort of passion and honesty.


Whats Good :

Calling thre film a multi starrer is the perfect homage,and the real stars stand behind the camera. The writer (krish) and the cinematographer(gyaan) can be given specail mention.


The visual of the film is breathtaking and compliments the other technicalities perfectly.


What could have been Avoided :

The ony things which seem out of place are the song visuals of the opening rock star one and the cable raj party song.Thes partsdeliver a hard blow to the film’s amazinh authencity.


The Acting :

This should be rather easy to write about. Every one (from leads rajesh to posani krishna) have delivered one of their career bests and each performance was a real treat.


The cameos by Bhramanandam and Krish himself were well written too.


Why you should watch this…

I’ve come out  the theatre at around 2 in the afternoon and the summer sun was at its angriest possible.

The two wheeler bike rideback to office was 6kms and I was smiling all the way impressed by the film’s finesse.

The heat just couldnt overlap the joy of watching such an amazing telugu film.Almost a classic.

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