Varun Teja decided to maintain distance with Pawan Kalyan!

Varun tej and Pawan Kalyan

Varun Teja and Pawan Kalyan share good bonding. These actors were known to be quite close in the Mega Family. In fact, Varun Teja was said to be trained by Pawan Kalyan. In this scenario, “Why will Varun keep Pawan at a distance?” turned out to be the question rite?

This distance is regarding the film releases. Varun Teja is stated to have scheduled his flick for December ending rather than for Pongal to give Pawan complete access in the Sankranthi festival. “Gopala Gopala” and “Mukunda” were stated to have clashed for Pongal.

To avoid the clash, Varun Teja decided to move away from the race. He is now planning New Year for the flick release. Hence, Pawan Kalyan’s “Gopala Gopala” and “Mukunda” will have almost 10 – 15 days gap and it will be enough to exude maximum collections for both the flicks.

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