Varun Sandesh’s new girl friend!

Young and dynamic hero Varun Sandesh, who shot to fame with “Happy Days” was linked with several actresses in the later stage. The youthfulness in this star attracted the attention of few gossipers. Almost all his heroines were linked with this hero in the past.


Now, it is the turn of Poorna. This lady is acting with Varun Sandesh in the flick “Nuvvala Nenila”. This venture is set to hit the screens soon. So, the new girl friend of Varun Sandesh as per the gossipers is Poorna. Few pics were released in social media sites and these pics strengthened the levels of gossip.

The chemistry is looking good in the pics and hence this is raising the levels of expectations on the venture. If the same chemistry works out in the flick, we can say that this venture may get hit talk at the box office. It may further help the careers of both Varun Sandesh and Poorna.

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