Varun Sandesh’s Secret marriage plans!

Happy days fame hero Varun Sandesh’s marriage with the actress Sraddha Das is the latest buzz in the film nagar circles. As per the reports Varun Sandesh is planning the secret marriage with Sraddha Das.

Varun Sandesh and Srddha Das have been spotted together many times. Recently the couple had a Holi bash in a star hotel in Hyderabad. Grapevine is that both Varun and Shraddha are spending happy time together at Ebony hotel in Banjara Hills.

As per the sources Shraddha Das is madly in love with Varun Sandesh and that the hero’s father is against his son’s maariage with Sraddha and he also threatened Sharddha Das to keep away from his son. Varun’s father is against the maariage because he has a long career ahead, so he feels that this is not the right time for marriage at this moment. However, Varun is planning to marry Shraddha secretly soon, despite opposition from his parents.

But as of now both the actors were tight lipped and saying that as usual answer that we are just good friends and denying the marriage rumors. But soon we will get the secret of their relationship.

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