Varun Sandesh met with an accident!

Young and sleek hero Varun Sandesh met with an accident while shooting for one of his upcoming films. He has suffered with minor injuries. The incident was took place yesterday, while canning a risky action scene on Varun Sandesh for his upcoming untitled film. The shooting was taking place at a college in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

As per the reports while canning a stunt on Varun Sandesh, the rope which was tied to him got cut and fell down. He suffered injuries on both his hands. Immediately he was taken to a hospital nearby and doctors, who treated him, advised him to take rest for a week.

Amrita Rao’s sister, Preetika Rao is playing the female lead role in the film, this is her debut film in Telugu. UK Avenues is producing the film and Sravan, who had worked under MS Raju, is directing the film.

The movie title will be announced soon and the movie will be released in the month of September!

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