Varun Sandesh in Drugs case!

Hero Varun Sandesh, who celebrated his 23rd birthday on Yesterday (July 21st), is now arrested by the police in Drugs case. Today (July 22nd) West Zone police arrested a Nigerian called James for supplying the cocaine at Lounger House and 50 grams cocaine found with him.

In Police interrogation the Nigerian person revealed the names of Tollywood film personalities, to whom he has supplied the drugs. On his statement polices arrested the Tollywood young hero Varun Sandesh, Abhishek(krishna vamshi’s Danger movie hero) producer Uppalapati Ravi and another director .Now the polices are questioning the film personalities. So soon we will get the more details on this issue.

We all know that recently hero Raviteja bothers were involved in drugs case and now its Varun Sandesh’s turn.

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