Varun planned priceless gift to Trisha Krishnan on Engagement day!

Priceless Gift to Trisha

Varun – Trisha’s engagement is stated to have Rolls Royce car. This is the old buzz which is heard in the media. Speaking on this, Varun mentioned that he has more precious gift than Rolls Royce for Trisha Krishnan.

He mentioned that he is set to help Trisha feed the animals and raise them for few years. It seems that this is the priceless gift Varun is planning to give Trisha on the engagement day. As per the reports, Varun is moving on the track of Trisha Krishnan in case of helping animals.

On the Engagement Day, Varun and Trisha may take few decision on helping animals and feeding them. Trisha loves to serve animals and help them in all sorts of ways and Varun too is planning to gift her a priceless one by helping her in her way.

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