Varudu Movie Review

Rating: 2.15/5

Critic Rating: (2.15/5)

What is it about?

Gunasekhar’s new so-called imaginative after his previous visionary disaster with Mahesh Babu.



Sandeep (Allu Arjun) is a Gen X Hyderabadi. Sandeep’s parents had  a love marriage. After an horrendous entrance by the stylish star and a few scenes which I believe were written on the sets on the day of the shoot, the film goes on to the part wherein Sandeep’s parents ask him about whom he wants to marry. To their shock he tells them that he wants his marriage to be an arranged one and wants the age old 16 day marriage with all his relatives by his side. Sandeep also decides to respect the aged tradition of not looking at the bride till the very moment of marriage. However, on the day of the marriage the bride gets kidnapped by Dileep (played by Arya). Who’s Dileep, why the kidnap and how does the film end in happiness are the other boring segments which consume the second half.


What’s good?

The major attraction was Arya playing a drama crazy unstable artist. The guy had chewed away every other aspect of the film with his giant like appearance and was the only reason which will not let you leave the movie half way through.

The much hyped 5 day marriage scenes were not as good as anticipated, but, were a pretty decent watch.

What’s bad?

The visuals which the film clearly couldn’t afford (just like the past two Gunasekhar films), long by at least 20 minutes and the loose, unpacked, terribly scripted first half of the feature.

The Actors.

Allu Arjun tried real hard to bring out a performance by stressing every single syllable of the words of which he had no previous knowledge of and ended up seemingly like a junior artist opposite the ‘mighty’ Arya.

The new girl didn’t have much to do, but, did what she had to do without much effort. Not a bad debut.



In this day wherein every maker is trying hard to tighten their films, Gunasekhar pulled off the opposite by dragging the already sluggish screenplay.

I recommend you enter the theater after the first half. So that, Arya is up on screen and you wouldn’t curse the makers too much.

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