Varma’s Unique Comment on Baahubali

While every Telugu filmmaker and fans are celebrating the National Film Award for Baahubali, controversial genius Ram Gopal Varma has responded in his unique way.

Baahubali 63rd National Award
Baahubali 63rd National Award

Varma said that Baahubali didn’t win National Award but jury members won Baahubali film. He congratulated the jury members for selecting Baahubali and hoped that God and Baahubali 2 unit again blesses jury next year.

“My heart congratulations to all the jury members of the National Awards committee for them getting Bahubali
Bahubali dint get National Award …It’s the National Award which got Bahubali ..My congrats to the awards committee
Am extremley happy with National Awards committee for winning Bahubali ..May God and Bahubali2 bless all its jury members,” tweetedVarma.

On film front, Varma is currently making plans to start shooting of ‘Vangaveeti’ biopic. He is creating interest with impressive casting.

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