Varma’s take on Women’s day

When controversial director Ram Gopal Varma takes to Twitter to write something about Women’s Day, one can expect a controversy.

RGV on Womens Day
RGV on Womens Day

However, Varma was very respectful today. He said that he will not wish women on this day as he believes that women should be happy throughout the year but not just on this one day.

‘I will not wish Women, Happy Women’s day becos I believe Women should be happy all days..Expecting them to be happy only for 1 day is mean,’ tweeted RGV.

Varma added that he will forgive God for creating heinous things like Terrorists and Cockroaches as he also created the most beautiful things, women.

‘Women are the most beautiful creation of God and for that, I will forgive him for creating ugly things like Terrorists, Cockroaches, etc,’ posted Varma.

RGV is currently making preparations for ‘Vangaveeti’ biopic.

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