Vangaveeti Title Song Released

Filmmaker Ram GopalVarma has released the title song of his upcoming film ‘Vangaveeti’, a day after unveiling the title logo.

Vangaveeti Title Song
Vangaveeti Logo First look

He posted on twitter, ‘”Vangaveeti” title song ..written by and sung by Susarla Rajshekar ”

Varma is making this biopic on Vijayawada caste politics and rowdism despite there are several threats against him. He has even decided to go to Vijayawada, a dangerous move, to gather some undisclosed
information about Vangaveeti to make the film.

He challenged his detractors to do whatever they can by announcing his flight and stay details in Vijayawada.

“Since aircosta got cancelled coming to Vijayawada 4.10 air india flight from Hyderabad but staying at same place.

“Vangaveeti gurinchi konni rahasyalani thelusukovadaniki Vijayawadaki bahiranganga vasthunna,” tweeted Varma.

He has already finalized the actor to play Vangaveeti and released his pics.

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