Vangaveeti Movie Review – RGV, Baap Of Biopics

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

There is a time when everyone is dominated by cinema. No matter how much stardom a hero has, he is zero before cinema. Adding as an exception to this, a person or can be called as a revolutionary who has been growing beyond his cinema. He is gigantic and more popular than his movies and he is none other than RGV aka Ram Gopal Varma. He started his Telugu film career with path breaking classic Shiva, and said to be saying goodbye to Telugu cinema with his latest biopic Vangaveeti. Vangaveeti is his take and his story based on Vangaveeti Ranga and his murder. He is creating a lot of noise with this movie and promos had already created the impact of vintage RGV. Let’s see how it works on us.


Vangaveeti Audio Function
Vangaveeti Audio Function

Venkata Ratnam is a biggest rowdy in Vijayawada who deals and settles everything in his place and maintains groups under him. He is feared by all and respected out of that. Bus stand Radha (Sandeep) is a small rowdy in his area who is joined in Venkata Ratnam gang and he rises so fast in that gang and is bad mouthed by Venkata Ratnam’s personal goons. Venkata Ratnam calls Radha and insults him which in turn makes Radha and his gang murder Venkata Ratnam brutally. It marks the rise of Radha as a force in Vijayawada which makes some political parties in secure and a party kills him with perfect plan which makes Vangaveeti Ranga, brother of Radha, the only successor of Radha. How he rise and how he is assassinated forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Sandeep Kumar aka Sandy is terrific as Vangaveeti Radha and Vangaveeti Ranga. He is so perfect in their body languages and his performance is laudable. He is the best choice for the roles and cannot imagine another actor performing the roles he performed. Shritej as Devineni Nehru is superb. Vamsi as Devineni Murali is perfect. Naina Ganguly as Ratna Kumari is good. Vamsi Nekkanti is nice. All other unknown actors who performed the roles of Venkataratnam and others are superb and are well casted.

Writing Department

Vangaveeti Movie Still
Vangaveeti Movie Still

Vangaveeti is a realistic fictional story written based on true incidents and rowdyism in Vijayawada. Screenplay is gripping mostly and dialogues are aptly and well written.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Ravi Shankar are more of situational and works so well while watching on screen. His background score is riveting and complement the visuals. Cinematography by Rahul Srivatsav is fantastic and movie is composed of vintage RGV shots which work and sync well with the narrative style of RGV. Editing is good and could have better cuts. Action sequences are shot realistic. Production values are apt and rich.


  • Actors Performance
  • Gripping Screenplay
  • RGV Direction


  • Songs
  • Violence and Bloodshed


Vangaveeti is based on the rowdyism of Vijayawada and rowdies living in Vijayawada at that time. This film begins with the voice over of Ram Gopal Varma which introduces the character Chalasani Venkata Ratnam and his power in Vijayawada. This half runs with gripping screenplay which engages audience to the core having songs which are not so good to hear. Whenever a new character enter the scene, RGV arrives with his voice to introduce him. Murders portrayed in this half are shown in a realistic way giving a lot of space for reactions. Interval comes at place where Devineni Gandhi is killed by Vangaveeti gang brutally which is well shot and engaging. Second half is as engaging as first half and is far more better half of the movie. Ram Gopal Varma’s voice over makes us clarified throughout the movie and is superb. Ram Gopal Varma once again proved that no one can match or come near to his vision while making biopics or real incidents. To sum up, Vangaveeti is a gripping movie from the mastermind RGV.

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