Valentineday Day is an expensive affair

There was a time when teenagers could woo their loved ones with a few flowers and heartfelt notes, but this is now passé. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated among teenagers with greater zest and obviously, bigger budgets in mind. While some teenagers are planning a pleasant candle-lit dinner with their special ones, others are flying down from the other end of the country to be with their Valentine for the day.

Saad Mouinuddin, a 19-year-old pursuing B. Com says, “I think Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion, which comes just once a year. I am trying hard to organize a different, yet memorable Valentine’s Day to celebrate with my girlfriend. I have to fit in chocolates, flowers, dresses and create a collage of photographs of our special moments spent together with a budget of over Rs 3,000. This collage will be made into a calendar and will be especially made-to-order.”

Garima Khandelwal,18, a student of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi says, “I wanted it to be a cosy affair to hit an emotional chord. Since I came back for vacations, my boyfriend who stays in Delhi will fly halfway through the country to come down to Hyderabad and meet me. Our Valentine’s will be very exciting and I cannot wait to see how he’ll make it special.”

While some teenagers are planning a cozy, extravagant affair, others are looking forward to going clubbing.Sanjana Mathur, 16 says, “It is my first Valentine’s and I’ve heard some of my friends hear that my BF is making elaborate plans.”Says Anirudh P., an 18-year-old from Bengaluru, “I love to go clubbing, but most clubs are expensive with couple entries pegged at about Rs 7,000, especially on Valentine’s Day. My girlfriend likes partying and what better place to go partying than to a disco. The great thing about clubbing is that the food and music suit the occasion. It’s important for her to feel comfy and loved.”

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