Vadacurry producer tweets about Sunny ‘Amma’!

On as light as a note could possibly get, Vadacurry producer Dhayanidhi Alagiri has tweeted a couple of pics with Sunny Leone and himself taken from the location of the flick – but that’s not the odd part – he refers to her as ‘Sunny amma’ in the tweet!


While it is the common, respectable way of referring to a lady in the south, with the suffix ‘amma’ meaning ‘mother’ attached to the name, you gotta admit folks, ‘Sunny amma’ is.. ahem.. ‘odd’ by any standard.

Well, maybe it’s the lyrics from the song in the movie Vadacurry that prompted the enthusiastic and thrilled producer of the movie to tweet so.

The song, for those of you who haven’t heard it yet, goes “Sunny amma lips, Sunny amma hips, Sunny amma lips, it’s Sunny..”.

Hmm, well the song may have a catchy tune and could very well be a hit but we can all agree that that’s about as unimaginative as lyrics can get. But to the glamorous diva’s credit, it is by far one of the most talked about songs in Kollywood this year and Sunny Leone has definitely made her mark in the south!

And not just that, she had a payday of Rs 25 lacs for the one song, and also now has producers queuing up to get her to appear in one of their movies next. Sunny had initially agreed to be in a hot and steamy number in R Kannan’s Oru Oorle Rendu Raaja, but later backed out as she couldn’t make it to the locations on the said dates.

That spot, however, was immediately grabbed by the sensational Neetu Chandra.

Sunny ‘amma’ is now all set to do a Telugu movie with Teega and this won’t be just a short appearance, no. This one will be a fully fledged role!

All the best to the very shrewd and stunning diva..

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