Vaarahi’s film gets title troubles from censor board

The film Siva Manasu Pushpa, whose title features the names of two politicians, who were recently in the midst of a controversy, has run into trouble with the regional censor board.

Siva Manasu Pushpa
Siva Manasu Pushpa

Going into details, the censor board apparently asked director-producer Vaarahi to chop off some political and glamorous scenes along with title change. But Vaarahi refused to change the title. So, he filed an appeal in Delhi, but he got an even bigger shock from the Delhi court also.

Not only did the board object to the title of his film, it also asked him to change the names of his lead characters Siva and Pushpa.SMP is a fictional political film inspired by real-life incidents, and the lead roles are played by Vaarahi and Shivani.

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