Uyyala Jampala Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Critic Rating: (3.5/5)

In a movie, if the viewer knows what’s going to happen, but is exhilarated by how it is happening, then it’s undoubtedly a story well-told. Uyyala Jampala falls into this special group of films, where an extra- ordinary story-telling makes even a simplest story look and feel like a special one.

Suri and Uma Devi are the ‘bava-mardall’u and neighbors too. Right from their childhood and the salad days, they play pranks on each other, pull each other’s legs, and end up in frivolous quarrels. When they reach adulthood, Suri runs his own small business and Uma Devi pursues In an attempt to show- off their egos, they end up hooking up with the wrong partners. How they realize that they are made for each other is the rest of the story.

Well the story sounds familiar making you recall two films with a similar characters and story-line – ‘Nuvve Kavali’ and ‘Aanandam’. However, it’s the treatment and the setting that makes Uyyala Jampala fresh. All the events take place in the tiny town of Konavaram, with people talking in a very native accent. The location and the language are the soul of the film, which embrace you right in the beginning.

For the rest of the movie, you become a townie of Konavaram watching the funny and cute proceedings happen.

Raj Tarun has an extremely effortless dialogue delivery, but that ease doesn’t show up in his expressions. Avika Gor was adorable portraying the gullible and innocent Uma Devi. She was expressive in an endearing style. Many a times, her dialogues and lip-sync asynchronous though. The supporting cast does a perfect job. Be it Anita Chowdary as the soft-spoken mother of Suri, or Ravi Varma as the shrewd father of Uma, or Kireeti Damaraju as the prospective bridegroom.

Cinematography and editing are neat. The dialogues are no nonsense. They carry a very natural flavor, without having any unnecessary ‘punch-dialogues’.

The only trivial drawback is its penultimate 20 minutes, which is too predictable and delves into an emotional zone for long time. The good news is that ends in a light-hearted manner, bringing back the grin you were carrying from the start of the movie.

Watching Uyyala Jampala is equivalent to smelling the fragrance of rain falling on dry earth. A wonderful feeling!

Strongly Recommended!

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