Uttej Opens New Dance School

Popular Actor Uttej started a dance school in Ellareddyguda, Hyderabad. Named as MAYUKHA- Arena Of Performing Arts, this dance school starts its functioning today. The opening of Mayukha took place in a formal event for which Movie Arts Association was invited.

Uttej Dance School
Uttej Dance School

MAA (Movie Arts Association) president Shivaji Raja, Executive Vice President Srikanth, Cultural Committee Chairman Suresh were there at the opening of MAYUKHA. Along with these, a few other artists were there too.

In this frame of context. Uttej addressed the gathering. “This institute is born because of my passion towards core arts like Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Western, Yoga, Zumba etc. One of my fraternal brothers Srikanth has launched this Arts school today. I am very happy. We teach Yoga, Dance, Acting Skills etc here”, Uttej said. Shivaji Raja and Srikanth expressed their delight over attending the opening ceremony of Mayuka. A few others also mentioned that it is a very good initiative to raise the children teaching such arts and skills.

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