Uttama Villain climax is pure magic!

Or so claims the director of the highly anticipated Kamal Haasan flick, Ramesh Aravind… and you know what, me for one believes him!

With Vishwaroopam 2 and Uttama Villain, both in postproduction now, it is the time for a few secrets to be revealed and for the cast and crew to let loose a little. So not surprisingly, the director in question here, Mr Aravind opened up to a news outlet in a candid interview recently.


“The first half of the movie is at one level but the second half of the film is in another league entirely. Kamal sir has taken the whole thing to new heights with his acting.” Says the very thrilled filmmaker.

He also added with understandable joy, “The last ten minutes of the film especially will be spell binding for the movie goers.”

Not much is known about the plot of this film as it has been kept tightly under wraps. Bits and pieces though about the work and dedication going in to the making of it did make it out to the eager fans waiting to lap it up.

It was even reported once that Kamal Haasan bought an ancient musical instrument for the film to lend it authenticity.

M Ghibran is the man behind the music of the film, and the audio launch is set for some time in September. Sony Music holds the audio rights.

As for the movie itself, it is aiming for what many believe will be the four-day weekend at the beginning of October with the Gandhi Jayanti Day. If this is true, it will probably put Uttama Villain in direct competition with Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang Bang, also set to come out then.

Vishwaroopam 2, meanwhile, is also in postproduction and will remain there for some time as the CGI and VFx in the movie is massive, according to the leading lady of the film, Pooja Kumar.

So, two Kamal Haasan mega films on the way and the Ulaga Nayagan’s fans could not be more thrilled. Times ahead for some good old-fashioned movie magic!

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