No Use of Samantha’s bikini!

Most awaited Kollywood venture “Sikandar” came on to the screens few days back. Suspense on Samantha’s bikini came to an end with this film release. Unfortunately, Samantha was not able to drive traffic to this flick with her bikini treat.


The real reason for Samantha’s bikini treat is to gain good market in Tamil Nadu. In spite of having No.1 status in Tollywood, Samantha has a flop career in Kollywood. She donned this bikini to get an edge over her luck. Unfortunately, her luck took an edge over this beauty and she lost the battle once again. If Samantha could have used this bikini for a top rated Tollywood flick, she could have got good fame and name in the industry.

Now, “Sikandar” didn’t bring her much craze and as she used her bikini already, she cannot create same hype for the next ventures. It seems that Samantha kept all her hopes on “Sikandar” Telugu version. She failed to reach that expectations and she finally accepted the defeat!

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