Urvashi Finally Announces Her Marriage!

Actress Urvashi has finally announced her marriage news almost six months after the fact. She tied the knot with Sivaprasad, a construction contractor and friend of her brother Kamal, who lives in Chennai. It was a decision made by the couple to not announce the fact except to friends and family.
Her earlier marriage with actor Manoj K. Jayan had dissolved amidst controversy after which the actor himself has remarried. The news comes as not so shocking to the fans though her sister Kalpana’s ‘fake’ political controversy had recently caused some furore in the media.

Urvashi also announced that she will continue to act in movies. The actress shot to fame in the eighties and nineties in lead roles in multiple South Indian industries and returned after a recess of a few years to Mollywood in more mature roles. She is known for her knack for comedy as well as her talent in earnest drama.

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