Updates On Kathi Mahesh Press Meet

Mahesh Kathi, the film activist, finally came to the Press Club in order to interact with the media. Mahesh Kathi told that he waited for Pawan or Poonam to come to their place and have an open debate. Later, Mahesh told that he is expecting Pawan’s response to the mental abuse that is happening to him by his fans. Finally, Kathi Mahesh posed six important questions to Poonam Kaur and asked her to answer them before moving forward to the further discussion.

Kathi Mahesh About Poonam Kaur
Kathi Mahesh About Poonam Kaur

The following are the six questions.

1. With whose help were you appointed as the Handlooms brand ambassador for AP?
2. Why did you perform puja along with Pawan Kalyan under the same Gothram?
3. You attempted suicide with a feeling that Pawan Kalyan cheated on you. You were admitted in a hospital then. Who saved you? What is the hospital name? Who paid your hospital bills?
4. What promise did Pawan Kalyan give to your mother?
5. Why do you have anger towards director Trivikram Srinivas?
6. When Trivikram & Pawan Kalyan are performing a Kshudra Puja, what were you doing there?

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