Update on Chaitu-Samantha’s Marriage

Akkineni Nagarjuna has already announced that both his sons would soon marry the girls they had selected. However, there has been ample confusion among fans on their wedding dates.

Samantha and Chaitanya Wedding
Samantha and Chaitanya Wedding

Akhil’s engagement date is already fixed as 9th December, this year. Naga Chaitanya has recently confirmed that Akhil’s marriage is being planned as a destination wedding. It would take place in Rome, the capital of Italy, in summer 2017.

The latest reports revealed that Akkineni family has also decided on the date of Chaitu and Samantha’s marriage. It would be in August next year, a few months after Akhil’s marriage. Since the lovebirds belong to Hindu and Christian communities respectively, a Hindu tradition wedding ceremony will be followed by a Christian style wedding in a church, with one day gap. An official announcement on this is expected soon.

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