Upcoming director left 20 Crores remuneration offer!

Chandoo Mondeti

Upcoming film director Chandoo who directed “Karthikeya” is now getting great offers from Tollywood. He got a unique tag of taking a film till the success boundary with story. Generally, majority of the films cross the boundaries with the fame of heroes and the heroines. Unlike this trend, Chandoo went further ahead to make story the key for the film’s success.

As per the talk, this trend of Chandoo has attracted top hero in film industry. It seems that this hero offered Chandoo 20 Crores remuneration package to direct a flick for him. Few media reports says that Chandoo has rejected this 20 Crores package as he is not interested to do it.

This talk is now spreading like a wildfire in entire film industry. If Chandoo really rejected the offer, we have to wait for some more time to know the real reason for this upcoming director to do it. Stay tuned for more updates.

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