Unknown Facts about Srimanthudu Bicycle

Srimanthudu Bicycle
Srimanthudu Bicycle

Super star Mahesh Babu’s new film ‘Srimanthudu’ is slated for worldwide release on August 7th, in just two days. The released teaser and trailers have already raised the expectations on the film. Apart from Mahesh Babu and Shruthi Haasan, the stunning bicycle Mahesh used in the film caught the attention of the movie goers.

‘When Mahesh is playing a billionaire in the film, why is he riding a bicycle’?, this was the question in the minds of many people. You got it all wrong then. After a bit of research, we found out that the bicycle in fact was Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 3 (29′ er) bike, an imported and rare one, only used by ultra rich people inside their farms. Shockingly, it costs around Rs.3.5 lakhs.

Srimanthudu Release Teaser:

Special Features of Srimanthudu Bicycle:

1. Srimanthudu bicycle Name is Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 3 (29′ er) bike

2. This is a Sports Bicycle with 20 Gears

3. Srimanthudu bicycle price around RS 3.5 lakhs

4. Light Weight

5. Very Smooth to Ride

6. It has speedometer to know the fast

That is the range of ‘Srimanthudu’ and hope the movie also lives up to the expectations. Bicycle also playing the keyrole in the movie and if you want to know how this costly bicycle related to Srimanthudu movie, you have to wait couple of days.

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