Ungli Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Ungli Review: The cover is impressive; same can’t be said about the packaged film

When corruption is heightened, then the citizens take up law in their own hands. It gives rise to vigilantes. Sounds something new? Na! It is something we have seen on screen before. But it is the urge to watch something new that entices any movie-goer to watch a film that supposedly promised unconventional ways to fight corruption.

Rensil D’Silva’s rendition in terms of Ungli is somewhat a disappointment. ‘Why so?’ You may ask! It is so because the trailer and the story do sound intriguing and new but then when you actually watch the film, you feel you rather had watched only the trailer. The cover is impressive, but same cannot be said about the whole packaged film.

‘Jab Ghee seedhi ya taeri ungli se na nikle toh beech ka rasta apnana chahiye’. This is the motto of Ungli Gang- Abhay, Maya, Goti, Kalim and Nikhil. So these aspiring group of youngies want to make a difference and take the ‘beech ka rasta’, and that even involves some cheesy dialogues.

Star Performances:

With a great star cast, what could have been a cinematic explosion on screen is a thanda mix. You will sigh at seeing such great talent untapped. Sanjay Dutt is an honest cop. Emraan Hashmi is a cop who doesn’t want to be a cop. Ungli Gang members=Randeep, Kangana, Angad and Neil are not cops but the deeds they do make them one. And in the end cop racket is busted. Is there too much use of ‘cops’?

What was given to the stars they delivered, but we have seen them all hold such great body of work behind them, I was personally pretty much let down. Somehow things didn’t fall into place, resultant being a loosely knit plot.


While the grasp of the idea was correct, the execution couldn’t be done aptly. Rensil has a great potential to do things in an extraordinary way, but this time around it just didn’t reflect upon this work of his. It is written by Rensil himself, yet we couldn’t see it on screen. Dialogues are by Milap Zaveri, who has done his share of cheesy dialogues in the past and with Ungli too he has done the same but in certain limitations. But cheesiness is ensured!

The good thing about the film is the technical team. The opening credits of the flick is done is a cool manner with great use of animation. The music of the film is doing really well. Dance Basanti, Pakeezah and other tracks are doing well and are nothing less than an escape from the drooping plot in places.

Watch or Not:

While they want to give out a great message, things just do according to the plan of the makers. The film is summed up in the trailer and the teasers already out. SO if you quickly wanna watch the movie, you might consider ‘Youtubing’ them. But then again if you want to watch the film, don’t expect too much. When you expect, disappointments are certified. Hence it is best suited you leave high expectations at home while watching ‘Ungli’.

Thumbs Up: The concept of busting corruption

Thumbs Down: Loosely knit plot, slow pace

Yawns: Guaranteed

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