Unexpected situation for Mahesh in Pune!

Mahesh Babu Fans

Prince Mahesh Babu faced an unexpected situation in Pune on the first day. It seems that Mahesh and his team is working in IT hub area of Pune and the entire shooting location has been covered with IT employees. As per the reports, they came to see Mahesh on the shooting spot.

For Mahesh, this sort of fan following is common in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. In a North Indian state, we cannot expect this sort of incident for a Tollywood star. This shows the craze Mahesh is carrying in the North. It is known that this star got the title of the Most Desirable Man few months back. Even Hrithik and few other Bollywood stars lost the battle with Mahesh.

This might have raised the standards of Mahesh in that area. Now, Mahesh and Shruthi Hassan’s film shooting is getting some sort of problems with the crowds. It is becoming tough for the shooting crew to control them.

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