Ugly Aur Pagli

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The makers of Pyaar Ke Side Effects have failed to create the same kind of magic with their latest flick Ugly Aur Pagli. Termed to be a romantic comedy, the film lacks both romantic chemistry between Ugly (Ranvir Shorey) and Pagli (Mallika Sherawat) as well as hilarious punch lines necessary to tickle the laughter bones of the poor audiences who put in their hard earned money to enjoy some relaxing moments away from their mundane daily tension.


Ranvir, who plays Kabir in the film, is a loser who has been born and brought up as a girl and after realizing that he is a guy, he tries all he can do to get a woman, but something always goes awry. Whereas pagli Mallika, who portrays Kuhu, is on a drinking binge to overcome the pain of a failed romance. She also gets into social service et al to stay away from her painful memories.


The duo comes across each other when Ranvir saves Mallika from coming in front of a train. From hereon starts a strange relationship between the two where Ranvir seems to be a devotee of Mallika while Mallika makes no secret of being the master in the relationship. The chemistry between the two characters may sound interesting but director Sachin has failed to extract the humour out of it. Even the ’99 slaps’, which the producers have already warned the audience about, get quite boring by the time the count reaches even 9.


More than the director it’s the writer who has to be blamed for penning down a bad script. The film is also longer then usual Bollywood flicks which further bores the audiences. The camera work is good and successfully captured some brilliant shots through its lens.


As far as music is concerned, Annu Malik has created some good disco tracks thumps soundtracks like Talli, Karle Gunah, Shut up and Aa Nachle which would surely be liked by the youngsters.


There are very few funny moments and that, too, due to extremely talented actor Ranvir. Even Mallika looks to have done justice with her character. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that both Ranvir and Mallika have chosen a wrong script to showcase their acting skills.


Overall it can be termed as a boring story of a loser, who gets the hot girl, but doesn’t know it until he gets her back in the end. And we would suggest the viewers not to go and watch this flick until and unless they plan to have a nap seated in an air-conditioned theatre.



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