Twitter pic of Samantha inspired her to take up this challenge!

Samantha Gym

Samantha recently posted a pic in her Twitter account. This pic shows her in a dull mood and she has a cute expression on her face. The reason for this pic is that the actress Samantha decided to work on her shape but after going to gym, she felt like relaxing.

It seems that she was struggling with interest to do workout and relaxation mood. As per the story, Samantha got an offer which demands good fitness and for this, Samantha is stated to have went for gym to do workout. After reaching there, she felt bored and took a pic of her in cute pose.

She uploaded it in Twitter and this turned out to be talk of the town. As per the latest updates, several fans posted comments which inspired Samantha to go for the workout. It seems that this pic is now inspiring Samantha to work out in gym as per the fans request.

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