Twist in Salman’s hit and run case

The fresh trial that took off today at Mumbai sessions court presiding the hearing of witnesses in Salman Khan’s 2002 Hit and Run Case saw a twist. One of the witnesses who represented the case showed up today and gave some surprising facts that uncovered more details into what happened that night when Salman’s SUV rammed into the pavement at Bandra, killing one person and injuring four sleeping on the pavement.


Samba Gowda, the key witness to that incident said that he drew Panchnama of the articles seized by police on the day of the incident. The witness told the prosecutor that it was a big car that was involved in the accident and that cops reached to the spot along with him. The car in question rammed into a laundry and the bumper hit the shutter of the shop.

Gowda added that he saw glass pieces, number plate of the car and bumper parts lying on the spot. “I can identify the articles collected by police from the place of accident” he stated in the court in hearing.

The other two witnesses were withdrawn as they also admitted that the panchnamas were drawn by them.

With substantiated evidence against the star, a charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder holds 10 year long sentence, if Salman is proved to be guilty by the Court after the cross examination. So far, the case was scheduled and re scheduled over and over due to the non turn up from the witnesses. Gowda’s first testimony after a period of 11 years has triggered further probing that can subject Salman to possible sentencing of Jail and time.

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