Twist in RGV’s Heroine Anukriti’s Case

Actress Anukirti, who was recently in the news for refusing to cooperate with the makers of ‘Papa,’ is said to be in love with a forty plus bachelor.

Anukriti Case
Anukriti Case

Anukriti first came into limelight after Ram Gopal Varma revealed the posters of his shelved film ‘Sridevi.’ The hot posters portraying Anukriti as a married woman seducing a teenager went viral and brought her much needed recognition.

Recently, Anukriti has filed a police case alleging that the director of her new film ‘Papa’ is forcing her to utter obscene dialogues. In fact, Yogesh was planning to file a case against Anukriti after she had left the film’s shoot midway. However, he was shocked with Anukriti’s act who went on to file the case first.

It is said that this secret boyfriend of Anukriti is pulling the strings from the behind. Guess we have to wait until the wedding to find out who the mystery man is.

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