Twist in Jiah Khan’s death: CBI searches her boyfriend’s house

Jiah Khan Death Case

The 25-year old British-American actress’s death might not after all be a suicide, but a homicide. On Wednesday, the CBI held a probe in the houses of Aditya Pancholi and his son, Suraj Pancholi in connection with Jiah Khan’s death that occurred in June, 2013. Sources reveal that the CBI team had found various documents at the residence of Pancholi’s such as letters and pen drives which are yet to be analyzed.

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The search warrant was issued ten months after the Bombay High Court ordered to revoke the case on the plea of Jiah’s mother, Rabia, who firmly believes that Suraj Pancholi is involved in the death of the “Nishabdh” actress. Even though Suraj had been imprisoned with a charge of abetment, Rabia furthered her plea with supporting evidence from independent forensic expert reports that assert plausible chances of murder.

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The case was handed over to the CBI since Jiah’s mother wasn’t satisfied with the Mumbai police probe and the CBI was ordered to undertake further investigations if it is determined as homicidal death. The relationship between Suraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan was believed to be under strain which lead to the end of her life.

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