TV9 back into action – Director caught in sex scandal

TV9, which encountered ban in Telengana region few months back, is back into action. This channel is known for its amazing sting operations. Now, TV9 caught a director in Sandalwood in a sex scandal. As per the details, Sandalwood director Om Prakash is reportedly caught in this sting operation.


TV9 video reveals the fact that Om Prakash tried to capture the aspiration of the upcoming heroines. There are several model who want to become heroines. It seems that Om Prakash asked them for personal favor saying that he would offer heroine roles in top projects. As per the video, Om Prakash stated that he even slept with top heroines in Sandalwood in the past.

He even mentioned few top heroines names in that industry and this raised the levels of curiosity among audience. If it is all true, we can say that TV9 spotted light on a very big sex scandal chain in Sandalwood. Several other artists were appeared in semi-nude avatar in that video. Stay tuned to know the explanations of this director as well as the heroines whom he slept with.

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