TV artist caught in prostitution in Hyderabad

TV Artist Caught in Prostitution

Prostitution cases were increasing in the state from the past few days. Police officials are chasing several s*x rackets in the state and interestingly small scale heroines and TV artists were getting caught in the rackets.

Recently, a s*x racket got busted by Police officials in Hyderabad. Popular TV artist got caught in this raid and North Zone Task Force officials took charge of the artist and the other persons involved in this racket. This is not the first time for Hyderabad Police to chase this sort of rackets.

Residents of Hyderabad are giving complaints on time to the Police force and this is helping them to catch the culprits in red handed manner. Police officials raised the level of raids on Hyderabad and the increase in number of cases registered were the indication for this.

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