TV anchor and serial artist harassed by producer

TV actress filed a case on producer

Few media segments reported that a serial artist and anchor named Sandhya has filed a complaint on a serials producer Chalapathi for harassing her. As per the information, this actress has been facing harassment from the past few days and she finally filed a complaint in the Police Station.

In the recent times, harassment cases inside the industry have raised to maximum level. Apart from this case, few other similar cases were stated to have filed in the small screen space. Mostly the upcoming serial artists, anchors and heroines were getting harassed by few film makers.

On the other hand, few top rated heroines like Samantha and few other actresses mentioned that Tollywood is quite safe for a girl to work in. Very few film makers are attempting harassment and they are not stopping with single actress. Hope, this sort of cases gets reduced in Tollywood.

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