TV Actress Reena bitten by dog on her face

Bollywood’s TV actress Reena Agarwal was bitten by a dog. A dog bit her a few days back while she was shooting on the sets of Star Bharat’s Kya Haal Mister Panchal and she has got severe injuries.

Reena Aggarwal Dog
Reena Aggarwal Dog

As per the sources, Reena was shooting for an important scene in which she gets to pet a street dog. The dog suddenly got aggressive and bit on her face. She was rushed to Kokila Hospital where doctor advised to get stitches. Reena said to one of her media friends that she had a pet and knew how to deal with dogs. But, she is in a shock and doesn’t know why the dog became wild suddenly. It may take some more time for the injuries to heal.

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