TV actress in a bar brawl at Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a destination for weekend parties and celebrations for its costly pubs and hotels. It is so common for small to big celebrities to hit the pubs in weekends. But sometimes these celebrations are going wrong.

TV Actress in Bar Fight
TV Actress in Bar Fight

In one of those celebrations, a small screen actress and a big shot’s son were indulged in a silly fight. Going into the details, popular TV actress named Nirusha was partying with her friends in a bar called Skybar in Bengaluru on Sunday night. During their celebrations, another gang which has Darshana, a son of a big industrialist went to a brawl with Nirusha’s group. The brawl went higher, and Darshan hit one of the members belong to Nirusha. Hurt with this; she immediately went to Kubban Police Station. As Darshana immediately written an apology letter, she has agreed to withdraw her case.

Policemen state that fights like these in all the bars and pubs are quite common in that place. Well, celebrities should take care when they are out.

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