TV Actor Ashish Real Stunts

Reality shows and popular TV shows in India have been crossing some extreme limits these days. For a particular show, the makers of this show have made the lead actor do a risky daredevil stunt.

 Ashish Real Stunts
Ashish Real Stunts

Going into the details, TV actor Ashish Chowdhry is portraying the lead character in a crime detective series called Dev. This famous series is known for some real shots made without dupes. For a scene, the lead actor Ashish has to do a risky shot. He has to get suspended on top of a tall building only by holding a pipe line. Ashish has agreed and did this stunt without any kind of ropes and safety gear. He was reportedly hung the pipe for almost four hours just for a 5 minutes scene.

Even though he says he enjoys stunts like these, netizens across the internet are slamming this actor. They claim that actors do this kind of stunts for money and fame.

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