I turned profit in Kollywood and loss in Tollywood!

I Movie Profits

I movie is a treat to watch as it has got lots of graphics and interesting episodes of Vikram. This venture how ever turned to be the best grosser this year in Kollywood film industry. It has got 100 Crores in that region and this venture flooded distributors with huge profits.

On the other hand, Tollywood distributors faced a bit of loss due to this venture. After 50 days, this venture managed to get around 35 Crores in Tollywood. The amount few distributors invested on this flick, didn’t cross the break even point.

In Kollywood, the situation is completely opposite. All the distributors got good profits and few of them who were bitten by “Linga” failure too recovered from their financial issues. Shankar finally lifted Kollywood but in Tollywood, his strategy didn’t work well.

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