Tuntari Movie Review – Boxer Packs A Punch

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

There will always be a huge rush near ticket counter of theatres during weekends. To encash it, makers release their movies on friday. If a movie get good reports on its release day, it will be having super crowded weekend or else a normal weekend. Many movies are releasing these friday like Thuntari, O Sthree Repu Ra, Chikkadu Dorakadu, etc these friday. One out of these releases is Thuntari produced by Ashok Baba and Nagarjun under Sri Keerthi Films directed by Gundello Godari fame Kumar Naagendra starring Nara Rohit which has a story written by A R Murugadoss. Let’s see how it works on us.


A Still from Tuntari
A Still from Tuntari

Five IT professionals Kishore, Kalki, Poojitha, Sudharshan go on a camping trip in Ananthagiri Hills. Accidentally, they meet a saint in that hills and are given a boon by him. They chose to get news paper on the day after Dussehra festival which is after four months. Saint gives them what they ask. Coincidentally, everything in that newspaper turns to be real. These five IT professionals lose their job as their company is shut down temporarily. They go on a search of a person named Raju. With the intense search they find and they fixes an agreement with him. Who is Raju?? Why are they in the search of Raju?? What is their agreement?? Do they succeed with their intention?? forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Nara Rohith as Raju, a good for nothing, useless middle class guy is fantastic. He is good at his body language and diction. But only drawback from his side is his heavy body. He looks so fat. It’s time for him to shed some weight. Latha Hegde is okay for her role. She looks glamorous as a sports enthusiast. Vennela Kishore is rocking as usual. Sudharshan is nice. Poojitha Ponnada, know for short films is superb. In some scenes she looks glamorous than heroine Latha Hegde. Adhurs Raghu is good in his comic role. Shakalaka Shankar is routine with his comedy acts. Kabir Duhan Singh as Killer Raju is superb. He is so intense in his boxer role. Ali as boxing referee is good. He tried his best to evoke comedy but fails in certain scenes.

Writing Department

Plot of the story mixed with fantasy element by A R Murugadoss is interesting. Screenplay is gripping at some places. Dialogues by Lakshmi Bhupal are good.

Technical Departments

Tuntari Movie Poster
Tuntari Movie Poster

Songs composed by Sai Karthik are good. Diamond Girl and Ding Dong songs are nice. His background music is superb but loud. Cinematography by M R Palani Kumar is nice. Visuals of the forest which comes in the beginning of the movie is superb. He tried his best to give fantastic visuals. Editing by Thammi Raju is good. He should have done his job a bit more fine. Art by Murali Kondeti is good. Stunts by Venkat are good. Production values of Sri Keerthi Films is nice.


  • Nara Rohith
  • Story by A R Murugadoss
  • Two catchy songs


  • Not so convincing love track
  • Certain pale comedy scenes
  • Missing logics


Movie starts with five IT professionals going on a camping trip in Ananthagiri hills. Visuals are too good in these scenes. Story of the movie is revealed layer by layer with some humour. Scenes written to generate comedy are so routine. They work to some extent but looks pale. Screenplay takes pace at the interval. First half is interesting and entertaining. Second half starts with boxing matches which are funny and illogical. Its just a story of a useless middle class guy transforming into a boxing champion for love mixed with some fantasy element. Movie becomes emotional in the pre climax backed up by superb score by Sai Karthik. To sum up, Thuntari is interesting movie mixed with fantasy element.

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