Tuneega Tuneega Review

Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)

It is

A cast and crew in the wrong business.


The film is a flashback narrated by a Doctor (played by Shiyaji Shinde) about a Tuneega Tuneega kind of love story, the cute and eternal kind.

Nidhi’s a rich little girl who loves animals. The son of their in-house cook is Karthik Ramaswamy and these little kids are usually a racket around the house, fighting all the time. Point comes where the Tuneega genre pushes for the girl to go
abroad and tone herself, to add to the drama and also to justify why she looks alien amongst fellow Telugus (pay for a Telugu looking girl? Are you nuts!)

They grow up to be these weird looking people (introducing Sumanth Ashwin and Rhea Chakra borty), just out of place wherever they are. So, Nidhi’s rich right and her dad has other rich friends whom he invites to this camping thing at one of those Telugu wise exquisite places. The kids full of hormones meet after many years and the hormones start working just like that, at first sight. Paying homage to the Tuneega genre, only one of them knows for whom exactly their hormones are active for.

The patchy screenplay marches on with more of badly portrayed over timing hormones and the misunderstanding that just had to come at some point, to add to the excitement. They basically break up over something which might seem like you missed and ultimately come together to tend to the hormonal situation.

Costing at 20, 00, 00,000 +

The rich people camp scene:

You go for this major outdoor shoot. You’ve got the prodigy leads, a big bunch of familiar supporting actors, countless number of extras, an ugly set in the middle of nowhere, cranes, supplies…and “what are we shooting today sir”?

All the supporting actors here?


The ones playing their kids?


Gather them all up


We’ll shoot some family fun, for the family audience

Which ones?

Let them play lemon in the spoon, we’ll improvise a bit and get some balloons too


The film’s underlying theme is a page 3 party organized for the new kid in town by the director/producer dad, and that’s all they need to do. Walk through the party shaking hands and dance if you feel like it.


Enough money had been wasted making this one, don’t sustain the wastage. Stay away from the channel too when this eventually premiers on TV.

Reviewed by Rohit
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