Tubelight Review – Salman Bhai bulldozes a nice story

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Tubelight
Movie Cast Salman Khan,Sohail Khan,Zhu Zhu
Director Kabir Khan
Music Director Pritam
Production Company Salman and Kabir Khan
Release Date June 23, 2017

Kabir Khan has always been a promising director right from the New York days. It’s proven that he has a grip on subjects that deal with the either one of or a combination of borders, love and terrorism. In his latest offering, he shows in interest on the North-eastern border after dealing with enough content on Pak border. Could he succeed this time? Is Salman’s role a slight variation of Bajrangi? Well, the answers follow in the review.

Salman Khan in Tubelight
Salman Khan in Tubelight

Bharat (Sohail Khan) and Laxman (Salman) are brothers who get orphaned in their childhood, but their bond is too strong. They live for each other. Laxman is a dullard, and Bharat is his lifeline. All is well until a day comes Bharat joins the army and heads for a war. Laxman misses him and he has an undying hope to see him. He hates wars. In his journey to see his brother, he also ends up two more people who are looking forward to meet their loved ones. A small boy and a Chinese woman meet Laxman and they also have similar feelings for a war. The journey of Laxman and his quest and whether his faith in hope remains untarnished is the rest of the film about.

The film has a huge canvas. The locations chosen and the war theme elevates the film well. Kabir Khan’s story telling is gripping in most of the parts. The film primarily deals with hope and speaks that war does no good to anyone. Apart from these, the movie also talks about the ground reality of North Eastern Indians being humiliated, which is such a relevant point. On the flipside, songs could have been taken care of. Not even one song of Pritam in this album are noteworthy.
Salman Khan’s acting is biggest drawback. Again, the superstar is dominant than the character. He slightly varied his Bajrangi mannerisms and brought back in Kyun Ki body language. His performance pulls down the film to a large extent. One side we have some out of the world visuals and frames and on side is the less than mediocre performance by Salman.

The supporting cast especially the kid Matin and Zhu Zhu were spot on. Matin impresses in every frame and makes his presence strongly felt. Zhu zhu was a nice choice instead of forcibly roping a Bollywood heroine with a Chinese makeup. We also get some glimpses of the legend Om Puri. Sohail plays his part well depicting the strong bonding between the brothers. And the anticipated cameo of SRK is very much there and the role is upto you to figure out.
The film is a tad too long, and requires some amount of patience to tolerate the lead’s performance.

On the whole, Tubelight is a great opportunity wasted by Kabir Khan. By expecting huge reception just by roping in Bhai for a role which could have stolen hearts, this one ended up being an average fare.

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