TS police strict warning to Filmmakers

We have already reported that Telangana Police Welfare Association has forced senior producer Dil Raju to change the title of Vijay’s today released film from ‘Policeodu’ to ‘Police’.

TS Police Warning to Filmmakers
TS Police Warning to Filmmakers

The Association heads have conducted a media meeting to inform and warn film makers that they will not tolerate if police officers, who command respect and dignity in public, are degraded in the movies. They asked filmmakers not to use objectionable titles, dialogues and scenes in the film.

It was strongly conveyed by the association members that they will not hesitate to take legal action against film stars and producers if the police officers are shown in bad light. They even took the example of Srikanth’s latest film ‘Mental Police’ and said that they will soon move to court against the makers.

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