True reason behind Lasya stops hosting with Anchor Ravi

Lasya was missing on Television shows for a while. Not only that Lasya stopped hosting programs with anchor Ravi. Earlier, there are many speculations about Ravi and Lasya’s relationship. But, a couple of days back Lasya shocked everyone with her engagement news and pics.

Anchor Ravi and Lasya
Anchor Ravi and Lasya

In a recent interview to a popular channel, Lasya reveals many shocking facts about Ravi and their relationship. Lasya said that she decided to stop hosting with Ravi due to many rumors on them.

She also revealed that Ravi got married a few years back and there is no relationship between them. Lasya admitted that she has the love affair with a Marathi guy Manjunath seven years back and with the consort of parents.

Well, we wish congratulations to Lasya and Manju on their engagement.

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